Below our some of the testimonials from previous and current clients. If you would like to add your testimonial or have a few nice words to say feel free to send us an email and we will add your comments to our section.

I like the way you do business with clients, you were nothing but courteous and answered all my questions in a timely manner. Oh yeah you also went 9-2 this weekend between the NFL and College which always helps. Thanks a bunch Timmy

I haven't purchased any premium picks from you yet and I stress the word yet as I am waiting to build my bankroll up before buying a season package. You guys have helped do so as the free picks have been on fire. I know the streak just ended but if you didn't know you won 12 in a row. Thanks again, Ryan

Nice job yesterday 9-0 between all sports looks like you might have a new member. Howie

Just wanted to give you guys a quick email and say thanks for the winning weekend. I have tried sports services in the past and they have let me down time after time. It has been 3 months with you guys and I have won every single month so far. I guess thats it just wanted to say thank. Signed up Willie

5-0 on Sunday you guys are the best. I was hesitant to buy picks but went I took a shot you went 5-0 for me. I think you have a client for the rest of the season. Thanks, Bryce

Great job on winning your NHL Game of the Month, I never used to bet hockey til I found your service and I glad I did. Keep picking those winners. Nic

You were right about your baseball program much better than the last service, it is the best. I can't wait for football season if this is how well you pick winners in baseball. Keep those dog winners coming. Signed Kristen (yes, we do have female members)

Great start so far this baseball season, lets keep winning like this all year long. Thanks, Jeff

Guys I just signed up for the March Madness package and I hope you can do the same for me as you have the last 2 years that I have been with you. I am looking forward to collecting from my man again this year so don't let me down, Will

I just wanted to write and say that you guys have been nothing but helpful to me in my sports wagering experience. I didn't know that much when I started with you guys but you implanted a nice money management system that catered to my needs. In all my years of investing in the stock market I never had this much of a return. I will continue to stick with you guys for the rest of my life. Thanks again, Carson.

I never realized how much money I could have saved by playing with Pinnacle or Canbet. Thanks for showing me the article of those 2 books. I have signed up and will never let those accounts go unfunded. Dana

After bouncing from SCAMdicapper to SCAMdicapper and losing a ton of money I have finally found a honest service I can trust. You guys are the best. Keep the winners coming! Ken

Hi, just wanted to write and let you know that I am very pleased with your guys service. I am glad I found you guys you are much better than the guys I used to use. I have a story for you guys if you have time to listen. I started gambling online about 2 years ago. I basically just played 100 a game but was able to build a nice bankroll up on my own. Well being greedy I wanted to make more money as much as possible, so I was screwing around on the net and came across a site ************. I saw they had a special called the Chicago play, well the Chicago plays supposedly had not lost in 8 years and it was something like 42-0. Well being a rookie I thought wow this play can't lose. So I purchased the play with the guarantee that if this play lost I play for free all year long. Well you know what happened I bet almost my entire balance and lost. I talked to the guy and he said he would get me back my money so I paid more to try and get it back and ended up just losing and paying out more for losers. Needless to say I learned the hard way from one of these scam artists. Now my phone number has been sold and I get 100 calls every weekend from touts around the world. I thank God that I decided to give another service a chance, because you guys have made my entire balance back slowly but surely and I am now actually up money because of you. Thanks SS

You guys have put the enjoyment back into gambling. I love watching the games on Sunday knowing that I have a better chance of winning than losing. Keep those winners coming! J.P.

More satisfied clients added every day, don't miss out on one more winning season with the help of Maddux Sports Picks!

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