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Betting on hockey is similar to betting on baseball. This is especially true if you consider the fact that goals in the sport played on ice basically equal runs in the sport played on dry land.

Total goals scored is one way to bet hockey. This is a classic nhl betting line for an over/under wager that might look like this:

Over 4.5 goals -180

Under 4.5 goals +210

Using the above information, if you bet the “over” hockey betting line then in order for you to win the total number of goals scored by both teams in the game would have to be 5 or more. The -180 is the multiplier, so if you put $10 down on the over and you win you would get back a total of $18.00. If you wagered on the under NHL lines then the total number of goals would have to be 4 or less for you to get back a total of $21.00 on a $10 bet.

With the decrease in the size of goalie equipment, rule changes to create a more wide-open game, and the institution of the shootout, in the 2006 season, one would think the average number of goals scored per game will increase, thus raising the totals for NHL hockey betting lines. Also, the scuttlebutt on the ice is that officials will be rigorously enforcing any type of interference and holding calls, which should create more power play opportunities and more chance for scoring.

Also, defensemen must get body position and front the offensive player before checking him. Finally, interference away from the puck is being closely watched. The first month of the new season should be especially rife with penalty calls and expect NHL Lines to offer a ton of value before the bookmaker can adjust to these changes.

For years the most common over/under in hockey was 4.5 goals. It was interesting to note that all bookmakers had to raise the NHL lines for totals about .90 goals.

Betting the Point Line (also known as the Puck Lines or Money Lines) tends to be more popular than the over/under wager. Hockey point lines will look something like this:

Boston Bruins +1.5, 1.90
Montreal Canadiens - 1.5, 1.90

The Canadiens are the home team and at a 1½ goal advantage. If you bet on Boston, they can lose by one goal and you still win; if you bet Montreal, they have to win by two goals in order for you to make money. Putting $10 down at 1.90 means your total return on a winning wager would be $19.00.

Because there are no more ties in the NHL, the ½ goal NHL betting line no longer has any validity and a line of plus or minus one goal can easily result in a push.

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