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What does it mean when you open up the newspaper, look at the NFL football odds, and see Green Bay (-2) vs. Washington? The number listed in parenthesis are the NFL odds. In this case, when the game between Green Bay and Washington is over, 2 points are subtracted from Green Bay's score. This adjusted score determines the winner. For example, if the final score is Green Bay - 21, Washington - 20, Green Bay has obviously won the game. However, for betting purposes, we subtract 2 points from Green Bay and the final score for betting purposes is Green Bay - 19, Washington - 20. If you bet on Green Bay to win, you lose the bet even though Green Bay won the game. This is how NFL Football Odds work.

NFL football odds are also known as the NFL betting lines or the NFL point spread. NFL odds makers add points to, or subtract points from, the two teams involved in a contest as a way of making the score even. If one team is thought to be worse than the other, they will get points added to their score. If a team is thought to be better than the other, they will have points subtracted from their score.

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Other factors also contribute to determining the NFL football odds for a game. NFL odds rely heavily on a wide range factors. NFL oddsmakers scour the news for injury reports. They track numerous tendencies for each NFL team. Some teams play better in poor weather. Others have a solid winning percentage when playing in a dome. Often teams, have winning or losing tendencies coming when off a bye week. These and other numerous sources of data affect the NFL odds from week to week.

NFL football odds make betting on professional football more difficult to predict, thus adding excitement to the betting experience. Do you think Green Bay will win by more than two or not? Check your stats, examine the tendencies, check your gut instinct, and lay down your bet. If you still not sure on which teams to take after looking over the Free NFL Odds, check out our NFL Picks page where we release premium picks for clients so they can increase their nfl football gambling bankroll all season long.


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