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Many feel that College football is the last bastion of amateur athletics. These kids are playing for the love of the game, right? Or are they? With the hundreds of thousands of dollars that trade hands each week as the result of NCAA football betting, who can be too sure? With increased exposure on television and via the internet, online NCAA football betting is at an all-time high.

This raises a question that is frequently debated; do college players feel the pressure of book makers who stand a lot to win if the players throw the game? I guess we may never know the whole truth all of the time.

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While the question of whether college football is truly amateur is up for debate, on thing is not -- NCAA football betting is fun for the fans. The countless rivalries spawn the widespread bravado of the college faithful. This boasting and confidence in their alma mater eventually spills over into the betting arena.

Online NCAA football betting

As natives of Ann Arbor, Mich. verbally spar with their counterparts in Columbus, Ohio about the outcome of the annual Ohio State – Michigan game, what better way exists to prove your loyalty and faith than the bet? And this is just one game of dozens each year that get college football betting rolling. Think about it – USC/Notre Dame, Florida/Florida St., Michigan/Michigan State, Georgia/South Carolina, Grambling/Southern, and Harvard/Yale are just a handful of games that carry some serious bragging rights with them.

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“Harvard/Yale?!?” you say. Absolutely. Imagine the money these Ivy League graduates have to lay out there for NCAA football betting. Surely they wouldn't let some rival sully the name of their school. They will stand up and put their money where their mouth is. And, believe me; these guys have some dough to spend.

NCAA football betting is universal. Everyone can appreciate it. Everyone feels the pull of standing up for their team. In the end, they are confident their guys will pull through for them.

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