How To Bet On NFL Games

How to Make Your NFL Bets

There are a few ways that you make NFL bets. You can place your wagers online, which many currently do. You may also make them at a land-based sportsbook in places such as Las Vegas. Some bettors also utilize the phone.

By far the Internet has become the chosen way for many to bet on the NFL. It’s fast, easy and convenient. There are hundreds of online sportsbooks from which you may choose. Some sports bettors give little thought as to which online book they decide to use. They may look at two to three and then pick one.

But just as NFL betting is a process, finding the right sportsbook for your purposes is also a process. Doing the proper research and analysis before game time is important, but it’s also essential to do the same type of research and analysis prior to picking a sportsbook. You should not pick a book just because it looks appealing.

A sportsbook may have exciting graphics, great looking babes and an excellent ranking in Google. But does that mean it’s right for you? Does that make it a book that pays out quickly? Does that mean it covers the NFL? The answer is “no.”

There are a few basic things you need to consider when it comes to choosing a book for your NFL bets. It is important overall that you find a book that is reliable when it comes to taking your bets, when paying out and when transferring cash in and out of your account. It must be safe and secure and offer great customer support. Bettors in the U.S. focusing on the NFL need to locate a book that offers a range of professional football bets and that will also take Americans.

The longer a book has been around the better the possibility that it’s a good place to wager. There’s a lot of competition for the betting dollar and those sites that continue to thrive are doing something right. With the NFL, you want a book that posts early lines and lines that are competitive.

Also, you’ll want a provider that offers a range of deposit and withdrawal methods. Basically, you are looking for a book that makes banking as easy and effortless as possible. Various methods of seeking out help are also preferred such as an 800-phone number, live chat and email. If you have a problem or question, you want to be able to contact them at any time, 24/7.

Once you’ve found at least five books that satisfy these basics, you’re going to need to determine what your specific priorities are in a sportsbook. Do you want a book that has the best NFL lines and odds? If the best lines and odds are important, then take some time to compare various books by going to our NFL sportsbook page. There you’ll get a good sense of how some of the top sportsbooks on the Internet set their odds.

If prop and future bets are important, you’ll find that some sites offer a lot more in this area than others. Do you have another sport other than the NFL that you bet a lot? If so, is it covered at the various books you’re considering? Or do you want a book that also gives you the option of engaging in live NFL betting? If minimum bets are important, you’ll find that these can vary a lot. One site may offer a $5.00 minimum, while another $10.00. Maximum bets are also different from site to site.

Maybe a large sign up bonus is important to you? You’ll find some, those that are doing quite well, that will offer new members little to nothing and others, often newer books looking for new members, that will award generous bonuses. If that’s the case, don’t immediately decide to go with the site that has the biggest bonus.

One site may offer a 100% match on up to $1,000 and another may be giving 150% on up to $300. With the first book, you’re getting $1,000 in free cash and the second $450. Let’s say all of the basic features you’re looking for are the same on each book. You may think it’s best to sign up with the site that’s offering the most money. But this is not necessarily true.

First, if you have $300 to deposit and nothing more then the second site is preferred as they are offering more cash. Also, check to see how much you have to wager before you can clear your bonus and how it will be given out. Sites require that you wager a certain amount before they will give you the matching cash.

If the first site requires that you play through 20 times the bonus amount and the second 30 times the amount, which will you choose? If depositing the maximum at each site, the second book is the better deal despite the fact that you have to spend 10 times more before getting your cash.

With the first you’re required to bet 20 x $1,000 or $20,000 to get your bonus. The second makes you bet 30 x $450 or $13,500. Thus, you’d select the second bonus. (By the way, if you were going to just deposit $300 in either account, then the first book is the better choice. Although it pays $150 less in bonus cash, it also requires you bet far less to clear it—$9,000, which is $4,500 less than the second book.)

Once you’ve selected your sportsbook (and by the way many people go with two or three, betting at the one that has the best deal on a given game), you’ll need to become a member, which means downloading the software, installing it, creating an account and funding your account. Although the amount of time it takes is negligible, it’s best to do it sooner than later, as setting up funding may take some time if you don’t already have an eWallet or another manner of transferring funds.

When you have everything in place, you simply go to the NFL betting area, select the game and types of bets you’re going to make and decide on how much you’re going to wager. As the games end, your account will either be credited if you win or the book will keep your cash if you lose.

When you’re in Las Vegas, you’ll find the basic process it the same but you’ll be surrounded by a bunch of sports bettors, standing in line to make your NFL bets and placing your wagers with a real person. Before going to a Vegas sportsbook, it’s important that you know what you are doing and how the betting process works.

Also, if you’re not familiar with the sportsbook, it’s a good idea to go there ahead of time and check out the features, options and ambience. When at a land-based book you’ll be expected to behave a certain way. Here are five basic guidelines for wagering at a Vegas book.

Before placing a NFL bet, you need to know all of the correct terms. Also, understanding how the odds listing works, such as knowing what the rotation number is and how a stake is expressed, is important. If you cannot look at NFL odds and explain each part of the listing, you’re not ready to go to a land-based book.

The second guideline involves knowing what you are going to do. Prior to betting, you’ll need to know the rotation number of the club on which you’re wagering (you’ll use it instead of the team name when betting), how much you’re wagering and the type of bet you’re making. Before going to the betting window, you want to know all of these things. Don’t stand at the window and hold up other bettors by making your decision there.

Here’s an etiquette guideline to use when winning. If a bookie offers you advice on a wager and you win big, you should tip him. If you win $600 on his advice, then give the person who offered you that great advice $60. A 10% gratuity is standard on a winning tip.

It’s bad manners to boast when you win. There are people around you who lost their bets and others who even though they did win may have whished they bet more. Some sports bettors may have dug themselves into a huge hole and your bragging is just rubbing salt in the wound. When you win do so with humility and grace.

The final guideline, like the prior one, also involves sharing information. It’s bad manners to ask another bettor how they did. Either way, whether they’ve won or lost, you’re putting them in a difficult situation. Additionally, it’s bad form to give another bettor advice when they have not asked for it. Playing the part of the bragging expert is a great way to make enemies with winners and losers.

Use the information in this article when preparing to find an online sportsbook for your NFL wagers or when venturing to a land-based sportsbook. When you’re deciding at which books you’re going to bet be sure to choose one or more that fit the criteria that are important to you. A sportsbook, no matter how great it looks, is no good unless it fits your needs.

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