How To Bet College Football Games

How to Make College Football Bets and Hopefully Win Them Too!

Those who bet on college football for the first time often do so in a random fashion. That’s not to say they have not done their homework on the game on which they are wagering, performing matchups, creating power rankings and staying current on the latest news. They have done all of that.

Where they have failed to do their homework is on the place they decide to place their bets. Many novice sports bettors will choose an online sportsbook based on how attractive the design is, how hot the female models look or if they place in the top five of search engine results. None of these determining factors are a good reason to place your bets with a sportsbook. This is not how to bet on college football.

When searching for an online sportsbook, take some time to perform research and analyze your findings. Consider how long the book has been in operation, look for independent reviews that give you insights into the book and consider what sports and types of bets the various sportsbooks offer.

It helps if the college football sports bettor takes a few moments to prioritize what features and aspects of a sportsbook are important to them. If the best lines and odds are important, then take some time to compare various books by going to our college football sportsbook page. There you’ll get a good sense of how some of the top sportsbooks on the Internet set their odds.

The primary thing you want to do, once you’ve located some reliable books, is find and select the sportsbook that is right for you. Maybe you want a book that offers live betting, promises and comes through with the best odds, provides new members with a hefty signup bonus or posts early odds. Or it may be you want to place your college football bets at a book that provides a rich variety of various props and futures. Remember that every book is a little different. Some have big bonuses others provide a large number of proposition bets.

If a large sign up bonus is important to you, you will find some sites that offer hefty ones. Usually these are newer sites or those that are looking to increase the number of members they have. If you do find some big bonus offers, don’t immediately decide to sign up with the site that has the largest bonus.

Site one may offer a 100% match on up to $500 and another may be giving 150% on up to $100. With the first book, the bonus amount is $500 and the second it is $150. All of the basic options and features are identical for each book. Is it best to go with the site that’s offering the biggest bonus? The answer is maybe and maybe not.

First, consider how much you will deposit. If you will be putting just $100 in your account, then signing with the second site makes sense. But let’s say you can deposit the maximum with the first site. In that case, which should you go with? That partly depends on how much you’ll have to bet to clear each bonus. Bonuses are rarely immediately awarded. Bettors usually have to wager a certain amount before they can have access to that cash.

If the first site demands you play through 20 times the bonus total and the second 30 times the total bonus, which choice is best? Because you’re depositing the maximum at each site, site two is the better choice.

To clear your bonus with the first, you must bet 20 x $500 or $10,000. The second requires you wager 30 x $150 or $4,500. That’s why the second site is your best choice. You’re asked to bet 55% less to get your cash. (By the way, if you deposited $100 in either account, then book one is the best choice. Although it offers a bonus that is $50 less, it demands that you wager less to get access to it—$2,000 which is $2,500 less than the second sportsbook.)

Once you have chosen an online sportsbook, the process of betting on college football is fairly simple. After downloading and installing the software, you’ll be prompted to make a deposit. You should be given various choices as to how you’d like to fund your sportsbetting account. Once funding is in place, which can, depending upon your circumstances, take a few moments or many days, you’ll be all set to start betting on college ball.

Simply go to the college football betting area and select the games and types of sports bets you’d like to make and how much you’re willing to spend on each. After the games are over, you’ll either be instantly credited for wins or find yourself in the hole having made some failed bets.

If in Vegas, the process is similar to online wagering except you will be interacting with real bookies and you’ll be surrounded by and in line with a range of bettors. Prior to utilizing a land-based sportsbook, be sure that you know sports betting inside out, including how to make a wager.

Once inside a book, it’s best to take some time and observe how some of those in the know are working the place. There’s a certain type of etiquette at land-based books that is unnecessary when wagering online. Here are five tips for wagering on college football at a Vegas establishment.

The first thing you need to do is to know all of the terminology. Additionally, it’s essential that you understand each aspect of the odds listing and what it refers to, including the rotation number, the spread and line and the over/under. If you cannot read and readily explain these parts of college football odds, you need to do some basic memorization before going to a Vegas book.

When placing a bet know the following ahead of time—the rotation number of the team on which you’re betting (as you’ll use this when placing your bet), how much you are betting and the type of bet you’re going to make. When you go up to the betting window it is essential that you know what you’re doing and don’t waste the time of those in line behind you.

The third tip involves winning. When you win big be sure to tip the bookie if they offered you advice on your wager. If you win $500, tossing the guy $5 makes sense. He did you a favor and that resulted in your holding some extra green and now it’s time to pay him back.

Never brag about winning. You are surrounded by winners who may have wished they’d bet more and losers who may have lost big and/or lost multiple bets recently and find themselves deep in the hole. Win with grace and be polite about it.

Don’t ask someone how they did. If they lost, you’re putting them on the spot and embarrassing them and if they won, you’re asking them for some personal information that’s none of your business. Also, don’t give advice to anyone unless they directly ask you for some. Acting like you know it all will get you instantly resented by winners and losers alike.

Those are the basic guidelines for making college football bets, including how to chose an online sportsbook and how to behave and function at a land-based book such as you’ll find in Vegas. The essence of placing a bet is finding the sportsbook that gives you exactly what you want and need. Once you do that, you’ll be set to go.

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