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Before you sign up for our free sports picks or if you already have and are getting ready to bet them, we recommend reading this quick little article first. It will help educate you on our free betting picks and hopefully instill some realistic expectations into your head. Even if you are a premium sports picks subscriber we advise reading this as well.

With the ease of the reply button these days it is easy for anyone with an opinion to hit reply, make some foolish comment, and have no regrets. Today I would like to copy a couple sentences from a reply we received from a subscriber of our free sports picks newsletter. We are not trying to demean this person in anyway; we are just trying to use this gentleman's email as an example for all to learn from. Here is the email.

You guys expect people to actually buy your premium picks when you cant even win your free picks? You guys suck I can make better picks than you. I have won 75% of my picks this football season, maybe you guys should hire me.

We than responded to this subscriber and asked him how long he has been on the free sports picks mailing list and what percentage he expects our free sports picks should win at. He replied back stating this was the first day he was on the mailing list and he expected our free betting picks to win 70% of the time for him.

So after 1 day this guy was ready to write us off, was convinced that our free picks suck, and that he can make better picks than us. Wow after 1 day he was able to conclude all this? We responded with our usual reply, read up on the law of averages, realistic expectations, and short and long term luck. We also stated the facts that over the last 3 years our free sports picks have won right around 60% of the time. Than concluded with something along the lines of “you need to focus on the long term and if you are not the type of person that views sports gambling that way, you will not appreciate our service in the first place." This reply all could have been avoided if the bettor was educated from the beginning which is why we ask you read this article before you sign up for our free sports picks newsletter.

We haven't addressed the 70% winning percentage claims in a while so let's start with that. 70% winning percentages don't exist and never will. It is amazing how many novice and even mediocre bettors still believe 70% winners are possible. With all the variables in sports betting and the law of averages a 70% winning percentage is asinine. A solid professional handicapper wins 55-58% of the time and with some discipline and a sound money management plan, that handicapper makes a fantastic living betting on sports. But again the public seems to think 70% winners is obtainable and assumes a 55-58% percent winning percentage is worthless. There was an article published a few years ago that proved if you could pick 55% winners, make 200 bets a year while betting 5% of your $10,000 starting bankroll you would accumulate 2 million dollars in a 6 year time span. Now how does that 55% winning percentage sound? The point we are trying to enforce here is if you have realistic expectations, can pick 55% winners, manage your bankroll intelligently, and wield a little self control 55% winners can lead to a great deal of prosperity.

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Now along with that 55% winning percentage there will be winning streaks as well as losing streaks along the way. That is the short term luck and law of averages at work. Any random day may be a winning or losing one. The fact of the matter is that over the last 11 months our free betting picks have been wallet stuffing and have won at the success rate of 61%. This gentleman just happened to sign up on a day when our free sports picks newsletter had a losing day. It happens and will happen approximately 43-46% of the time, but if you bet our free sports betting picks on a consistent basis you will show a profit year in and year out. If you are a person that measures success on a daily basis than we are probably not the site for you, but if you look at sports betting as an investment vehicle, have discipline, and focus on the long term, we invite you to view today's premium picks as well as sign up for our free sports picks below.

Update for this article. 2004 wrapped up our best season ever for free pick members as the final winning percentage for our mailing list free picks was 62%. If you are expecting 62% this year this is highly unlikely. Over the long term for us or any handicapper to win at this high of percentage is impossible but over a short term period of 365 picks or so this is obtainable. Expect solid selections winning in the normal 54-58% range from this season out. If you would like to see your bankroll grow at a higher rate while winning at a slightly higher percentage, our premium picks packages are one of the best investment choices you can make. Click here for premium pick pricing and packages from the respected handicappers at Maddux Sports.

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