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The NCAA hoops season is underway and for those that haven't decided where they are going to place their hard earned dollar this season, this College basketball sportsbook guide will help steer you into becoming a sharper and wiser player. 99% of the other sports betting websites don't have your best interest at hand. At Maddux Sports we have the reputation of being the most honest and top handicapping/betting portal on the web.

We offer sound betting advice and predictions on sports while actively researching the online sports betting industry. Bottom line is these are websites that we personally make our college basketball betting wagers at on a daily basis. We feel that for those that are just starting out, veterans, or professional players, this list truly are the 3 must have college basketball sportsbook options to fully capitalize and maximize your chances of a profitable betting season.

Top 3 College Basketball Sportsbooks


Our number 1 college basketball sportsbook

This is where the college basketball betting line originates. Bookmaker sets the opening number before any other online sportsbook. Many of you have often wondered where the college basketball line comes from in the offshore world and who has the "balls" to be the first book to take college basketball bets, well this would be Bookmaker.

While most of the online betting sites don't have the know-how or ability to set lines, Bookmaker is the price setter of the market and than all other books copy Bookmakers' settled point spread. But before the market is set, Bookmaker takes all the hits by being the first book to let sports bettors make a wager. Lines are normally up around 3:00 the day before, so you have plenty of time to bet your picks and find juicy opportunities if you are able to spot off lines. In the world of NCAA betting with so many games on the board, having the option of taking the first shot at an opening number makes Bookmaker a must have College basketball sportsbook this season.

Besides all that, they are offering a 20% signup bonus, and lighting fast payouts when you are ready to cash out your winnings.

Click here to start betting at Bookmaker!

(No US Players Are Allowed at Bookmaker)

Pinnacle Sportsbook

What can we say about Pinnacle that we haven't said before. Early lines, posted the day before like Bookmaker, normally the second or third book to post sides. The first book to post College basketball totals. Offers -105 on all college basketball sides and totals. Some of the highest betting limits over the phone in the industry, and the highest online betting limits out there (Was taking $100,000 wagers over the Internet for the NCAA Tournament last season). Rock solid financially, and free and prompt payouts. The best book for a recreational or professional sports bettor. Anybody that doesn't have Pinnacle in their top 3 college basketball sportsbooks, is truly not serious about turning a profit this season.

Downside is that as of January 2006, Pinnacle is no longer taking US players. For everyone else Pinnacle is still one of the best sportsbooks for college basketball wagering.

Click here if you are a Non Us Resident and Would like reduced juice betting!



The final sportsbook for College basketball betting we are recommending is Skybook. Skybook is part of the RIO group, one of the oldest and most established sports gambling companies around. Skybook doesn't have the overnight lines (you have Bookmaker and Pinnacle for those), but the college basketball lines are still up game day in the morning. Skybook offers all players a free 1/2 point on their basketball wagers. So lets say everyone is sitting with Duke -4 over North Carolina, if you like Duke, you can bet it at Skybook and get Duke -3.5. Than every time the game lands where you normally would have gotten a push, you get a winning wager. It works the same way on every game you lose by a half point, by betting college basketball at Skybook, you would push all those normal losing tickets. 10% signup bonus and free 1/2 points, doesn't get much better than that.

Visit Skybook one of the best college basketball sportsbooks on the Internet today!

For those bettors looking for the biggest advantage over the bookie, having sports betting accounts at these 3 college basketball sportsbooks is a necessity. You all know how hard it is to turn a profit over a long grueling basketball season, make things a little easier this year and open up accounts at all 3 sites.

For more betting options this season, check out all of the college basketball sportsbook reviews from Maddux Sports.

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