Betting on the Internet

You know what it’s like when you stop at a convenience store to get potato chips to snack on while watching the Sunday game. Four different brands, about six different flavors and three bag sizes… equal too many choices!

It’s a similar situation when trying to pick an online betting service…too many choices! Google, “online betting” and you will get pages and pages of choices. Internet betting is growing and growing each and every day.

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There are well over 1400 gambling sites offering bettors the opportunity to wager their favorite type of gambling on the Internet. These ‘books’ are generating billions of dollars in bets annually. Bets are taken in all types of gambling, from sports betting such as baseball, football and horse racing to casino games including online poker, which is tremendously popular. It has been estimated that U.S. citizens do over 60% of online gambling.

In some cases…yes. There are a number of countries that issue online gambling site licences for their own citizens’ use and entertainment. In the US, politicians have tried to stop Internet betting through legislation, but seemed more concerned with concentrating their political efforts on hindering the casinos themselves rather than the individual gamblers involved. For now and forever betting on the internet will be here to stay.

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Because these sites are physically situated offshore in places like the Caribbean and regularly service customers from North America and Europe, there have been many examples of some shady operating. Overall controls are difficult to put in place because of all the varying legalities involved. Do your homework very carefully when choosing an online betting site for your gambling. At, you can find sources of rating services such as our recommended sportsbooks page that may help you with this decision. Or you can always ask around, maybe some of your associates have had a successful experience with a trustworthy Internet gambling site.

You just know you are going to win, but just how does the money transfer work? This varies from site to site. Many Internet casinos will use debit or credit cards to allow you to set up accounts and will use the same methods of returning your winnings to you. However, sometimes this money return will only be up to the amount of your original deposit and any balance will come by electronic money transfer, which will carry a fee charged to you. It would be prudent to check out the cash payout methods of any gambling site that you may choose to use before you begin gambling. For the entire process explained step by step you may want to read our acclaimed guide to offshore betting writeup.

Internet betting can be an exciting way to fulfill your gambling urges. Just be sure to do your homework upfront, start with small bets and stick with sites you have found to be reputable!


Sports Betting Information

We have plenty of sports betting information at and we have listed a portion of it below. Read up on all you can so you have the greatest advantage over the bookmaker this season! We have recently started to offer tennis, nascar, and golf wagering guides so we are currently working on writing up more articles on those small market sports and will include them to this section.

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